Monday, 21 February 2011

Corridor Puzzle -- Assets

I am experimenting with a puzzle aspect of my map. I intend for there to be a puxzzle near the beginning of the map which will involve corridors which will change shape and layout as the player travels through them. This will create a feeling of confusion for the player.

here are some basic corridor segments I created in max. I had to create these as meshes because subtracted/additive geometry cannot be animated in UDK.

The image above shows how the corridor segments can be implemented. The 1st state is a dead end, while the 2nd state leads into another corridor. I plan to create an puzzle where the layout of the corridors will change as the player travels through them. This will get across a feeling of immersion. The player will have to think to get through the maze. These pieces are placed into the map as Interp Actors, they can then be animated via kismet/matinee to move.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

office blinds

Here is a protype model for my office space. It s office furniture, a sort of glass wall. often used in offices to make the most of limited light sources. I used to material ID functiuon of max to place two materials on this model. One solid one for the window frame and a transparent one for the glass.

Office Maze

This is a rough layout of an office based puzzle. I created this initial design to test out the geometry values for gameplay. I intend this area to be a puzzle based on locking and unlocking doors.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

The S - Corridor

Here is an 's' Shaped corridor I created in max. The player will fall down this pathway and will be unable to return. This will create a feeling of being trapped in a strange place. The grey box is the visual part, it will be UV wrapped and textured. The Orange segment will be the collision geometry. They can both be imported into UDK together.

Here is the peice imported into UDK. The collision and wrapping work.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

SILENT HILL 2 Inspired intro

A rough version of the introductory corridor. It starts of normal and becomes more surreal as the player travels trough it.

SILENT HILL 2 opening

This a piece of footage from Silent Hill 2. The beginning of the game has the player travelling down a long pathway. There is nothing along this path it is placed in the game to give the player a feeling of isolation. It's placed at the start of the game to give the player the feeling they are sperated from the outside world.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Twisted Office Space

This blog will track the production of my map. I will experiment with the various aspects of UDK to create an atmospheric and immerse map. The theme of the map will be a surreal office space, a twisted reality.